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About Fakers

Would you believe that aliens were invading the Earth if you heard it on the radio?  Would you pay a quarter to see a real-live mermaid?  Could a desperate email from a friend traveling in Europe convince you to surrender your bank account number?


Then congratulations—you must be a lot smarter than the thousands of people who have been tricked by the world’s greatest hoaxes.  Fakers: An Insider’s Guide to Cons, Scams, and Hoaxes, will introduce you to the greatest scams of yesterday and today. From Barnum’s Fiji Mermaid to the Balloon Boy, and from the Spanish Prisoner con to Nigerian emails, Fakers introduces readers to all manner of trickery. 

In this era of daily online hoaxes, it's easy to be caught off-guard. Fakers arms kids with information, introducing them to the funniest, weirdest, and most influential cons and scams in human history. Profiles of con artists will get readers thinking about motivation and consequence, and practical tips will help protect them from falsehoods. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is--except in the case of this book!

Fakers is available wherever disreputable literary products are sold!

That includes Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and if you are very lucky, your local independent bookstore.