Branding, Necromancer-Style

A Necromancer advertisement (what?! they have to advertise to, you know!) from somewhere in Rhode Island in the late 1800s.  

Some of the tiny text is worth reproducing here, as it may be too hard to read.   Yes, it really does say “oracley.”

Skeptics of Holy Writ have denounced their Skepticism as they behold demonstrated in this Nineteenth Century the original and more Marvelous Illusions than was ever performed by the Ancient Egyptians or the Necromancer of India.

The Wonderful Power of Producing Realities from Nothing and Commanding Articles to be Constructed from the Ashes of the Earth; and yet more Startling is his Sorcery of calling forth from any desirable source, true flesh and blood, covered with nature’s raiment, BREATHING, MOVING, AND LIVING Creatures as perfect and natural as made by the hand of Nature.

His Marvelous Powers of Conjuring is Manifested by merely asking for or moving his and that his desires are complied with.  So strange and yet so oracley is PROF REYNOLDS that the mints of the earth are subject to his comand, he has only to reach forth his hand and grasp as much gold or silver coin as his heart desires…..

Don’t Miss this Opportunity of seeing that which will never appear before you again